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Available for adoption

Hank and Hugo were hip #714 and 715 from the Cranbury Auction in New Jersey.  Hank and Hugo somehow ended up at an Auction for slaughter in the “kill pen.”  #714 and #715 were their USDA meat stickers.  Hank and Hugo are both donkey geldings.  These boys came to us so weak that they could barely walk.  They were diagnosed with Pneumonia and treated with injectable antibiotics.  Luckily they were treated right away as they were very close to perishing.  These boys were highly undernourished and were also loaded with lice most likely due to their compromised immune system.  You can still see on Hugo (white donkey) ears the scabs and missing hair from his lice infestation.  These boys are only 2 years old and have some growing to do.  Their growth was most likely stunted from malnourishment however, they should mature close to 14hh.  These boys will make wonderful guardian donks, companions, driving donkeys, or teach them to ride.  They are available to an approved home with a $300 per donkey adoption fee.



We saved Pixie from the Cranbury Auction in New Jersey on 4/15/15.  Pixie found herself in the kill pen when we bailed her out.  She was hip #33 which was her USDA meat sticker.  Pixie is a 9 year old, 10hh, Hackney Pony mare.  Pixie was an Amish child’s driving horse.  Pixie’s life consisted of driving the kids to school then standing tied for the school day through all types of weather.  Pixie would then drive the kid’s home after the completion of the school day.  Pixie was eventually dropped off at auction.  This could have been for a number of reasons.  Maybe the children were now grown, or she had an injury in which they could not wait for her to heal.  Many Amish horses get injured from the pounding their legs take on the hard pavement.  Pixie is currently sound and in good health.  She would make a wonderful driving pony or companion pony.  Her riding ability will be assessed at the rescue.  Pixie also came to our rescue with a dent in her forehead.  No one knows how this happened however, it does not affect her at all.  Pixie’s adoption donation is $400 to an approved home. 

We saved Poncho from the Cranbury Auction in New Jersey on 4/15/15.  Poncho found himself in the “kill Pen” at an auction for slaughter.  Poncho was hip #35 which was his USDA meat sticker.  Poncho is a 3 ½ year old paint gelding.  Poncho is green broke and ready to finish.
A previous owner of Poncho contacted our rescue when they saw we had saved him from auction.  His previous owner reported he was sold a week prior to a friend to go to their friend's kid.  In a week he somehow ended up with a horse dealer that sent him to auction.  This is why it is very important to screen any homes and touch base with all horse owners.  All of our horses are adopted under contract and are to come back to our rescue should anything happen.  We stay in close contact with all of our adopters and do site visits.  It is very important to be a responsible horse owner.  Poncho is available to an approved home for a $400 adoption fee.

Nakota, a cute 13 hand, 7 yr. old Indian pony mare from Minnesota, supposedly she walks and trots under saddle but needs a refresher, and is not for the beginner. Nakota has been to hell and back. Reportedly she was rounded up, sold at auction, and eventually abandoned. Events in between include having a foal at her side that was trampled to death in a trailer, and being kicked in the face leaving... a hole going into her nasal cavity. Nakota is a favorite among our volunteers and she is very sweet and kind. She is now fully up to date with the farrier and vet. We are hoping to do our own evaluation this weekend. She will be available for adoption with a contract and adoption fee of $400 to an approved home.

Gigi is a 22 yr old registered Chincoteague Pony mare. She is 12 hands tall. She has Cushings and is on Prascend. Gigi was once used in 4-H for trail rides and occasional shows. Gigi still has plenty of spunk and is incredibly fun to ride. She does everything that is asked of her and does it all right, too! Her riding evaluation was done bareback with a halter and lead lines. Gigi has a great, forward walk and really seemed to enjoy doing a little work today. Her trot is beyond adorable and she too has a great halt. Because Gigi is a little quicker and some what standoffish on the ground we are suggesting her for an Advanced Beginner rider. Gigi's adoption fee is $300 to an approved home.

All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue is in desperate need of loving foster homes.  Please feel free to contact the rescue for a Foster application, or check back soon for posted material.

Please feel free to contact the rescue for all adoption materials. 

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