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Available for adoption

Vixen is a 13 year old mustang mare who stands at 15hh.  Vixen came to us unhandled.  Vixen is now halter started, is leading, standing to be groomed and picking her feet.  Vixen would be a wonderful project for an experienced adopter.  Vixen is extremely sound and healthy.

Libby is a beautiful 10 year old, 14hh paint mare.  She loves attention and is very sweet, safe, and kind.  Libby is in search of a companion home (non riding).  She is a great companion and loves the company of other equines.

Today, 1/13/18 our friend Heather volunteered her time at the rescue to asses Erin. Erin is a 13.3, 20 year old BLM mustang who we saved from the Bowie auction in Texas. Erin did great on the cross ties and was wonderful to tack up. Erin did not stand quietly at the mounting block however we will continue to work on that. She has a lovely trot which you can see in the videos posted on our timeline. It took a little to get her initially to move forward however, once going she was great. She has a nice whoa and backs up. After today's first ride we feel Erin would be best with an intermediate rider. She would also make a wonderful companion to another horse. We adopt out within a 4 hour radius of 06472.

Lady 15hh branded BLM Mustang mare.  She is sound and healthy. Message from her trainer: Lady: wow, just wow! For not being saddled In over a decade, Lady was amazing!!! She quietly stood while I tacked her up, only objecting to the bit and even then her objections were minimal. It took a bit to convince her that she actually has to do some work, but after a short reminder session she was doing circles, figure eights, stopping and backing on the long lines. She quietly stood at the mounting block as laid over the saddle. This mare needs a refresher, but I would say it probably won't be long until she hits the trails....any takers??? I can't wait to have another day with this girl!!!


Jazz is a 30 year old Morgan mare who is looking for a nice retirement home.  Jazz loves all her equine friends and gets along well with all

Nadia is a 15 year old Standardbred mare.  She was saved from a kill pen.  Nadia is close to 15hh and requires a companion home.  She would make the best companion as she is submissive and great with ALL equines.  She is as sweet as can be and loves attention.  Nadia is barefoot and an easy keeper.  She requires a non riding home due to some nerve damage in her hind end from an injury.  This may resolve over time and she could possibly due some light riding.  She was said to have been a lesson horse.


All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue is in desperate need of loving foster homes.  Please feel free to contact the rescue for a Foster application, or check back soon for posted material.

Please feel free to contact the rescue for all adoption materials. 

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