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In May 2010 we were incorporated in the State of Connecticut.  Since that time we have saved over 90 equines from situations of abuse, neglect, owner surrenders and threat of slaughter.  Over 30 of those saves came from owner surrenders in our State of CT.  We have been a resource to residents in our state who had to give up their equines due to financial restraints, untimely deaths, and illness.  We also work hand and hand with the CT Department of Agriculture taking in horses from active investigations and seized horses due to abuse and neglect within the State.

 Besides playing an active role in helping the states most at risk equines, we also actively educate the public on proper equine care and management.  We are currently working with the Branford, CT High School Career Training Program.  We have Branford High School Students along with their job coaches coming to our farm every Tuesday.  We provide hands on experiences and skills. We also have many pro-active volunteers who come to our farm to learn about equine care prior to obtaining their own horse.  This is proving to be a very valuable resource as many soon to be owners are not aware of all the money and work involved with horses.  Some of these volunteers have made the wise decision not to own a horse as they are not able to handle the vigorous work and chose to continue to volunteer with our organization.  Finally, we have many residents who join us for community service hours for school and the criminal justice system.  Once they obtain their hours the majority of them have stayed long term with us due to enjoying and believing in our mission. 

ATKHER is in Manhattan! We are so honored to be teaming up with the NYC Riding Academy. The academy is the only riding program in Manhattan and is a 501 C 3 non profit. It was founded in the 80's by Dr. George Blair and his wife Anne. The Blair's used all of their own money to take care of a piece of land and build a barn. He has since been providing FREE horsemanship to kids from Harlem ever since. Dr. Blair would take his own horses from his farm in Upstate NY to live on Randal's Island for the summer. After the program was finished, the horses would move back home. Unfortunately the Blair's equines have since passed. Dr. Linda Bojmar is the head volunteer Instructor and use to be a professional rider in Sweden. She will be providing professional training to our horses. The academy will be providing kids from Harlem with a curriculum which includes equine lectures, grooming, tacking, lunging, barn management, feeding, horseback riding demonstrations, and special programs. This year they will also be including education on our American Wild Mustangs!!!! The perfect teachers will be two of our BLM Mustangs, Erin and Lady. We are so proud to be part of this wonderful program and honored to be able to give back to the community. Part of our mission is to educate the public and this is such a fabulous venue for our horses to teach children, many who have never seen a horse in person.






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