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Christy's Kids

All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue is initiating an equestrian learning and riding program.  My daughter Christy Novak dedicated her life to helping others especially children.  As a Physical Therapist she specialized in helping children with special needs.  She loved her work and cherished her children.

Christy passed away on Valentines Day 2010.  A day of love and caring which was the way Christy lived her life.  Christy and I talked about having a special horse program for needy children, terminally ill, handicapped, special needs, and any child who loves being with horses.

Thanks to Mary and Vin, our All The Kings horses, will be presenting this horsemanship program in honor of my special, loving, caring, and beautiful daughter, Christy.  This one is for you my angel.  We all love and miss you.

~ Dad

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