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Chili Pepper

Chili is a 13 year old mustang who was recently rounded up from Devil’s Garden in California.  He is currently being evaluated and we will be posting more information shortly.


Bob is an 11-year old Devils Garden, California wild mustang who just recently arrived to our rescue.  Please check back for information and a date that we will allow visits.


Here is Gracie who is the most absolute sweetest horse you will ever meet. We saved Gracie on June 25th from New Holland Auction in PA. We actually pulled her off a kill buyers trailer in the parking lot. Gracie is around 12 years old and 14.1hh. She appears to be a Morgan. She appears to have had a very difficult past as she had once suffered from a broken hip, she has a bad knee, and horrible scarring on her face. None of that stops her from giving her all to humans and loving every minute of attention spent … Continued


This is the lovely Vixen, a 14 year old Mustang mare. Vixen was surrendered to us completely untouched. She is currently in professional training with our friends at Horses With Hope in Maine. Please follow her progress at Vixen is close to 15hh, she is a very easy keeper.


Velvet is a 10 year old Tennessee Walker who is close to 15hh. Velvets previous adopters and our trainer, Tanya are willing to speak with anyone interested in this mare. Velvet has had three months of professional training. On Monday Tanya hopped on and this is what she had to say; “This little mare took care of me!!!! She was …easy to tack, I was able to get right on and walk around with her being calm and responsive. There were school busses flying by and large machinery moving stuff around and she never flinched. I only asked for a walk … Continued


Scarlett was recently returned to our rescue due to no fault of her own. She is looking for her forever home. Scarlett is a 16 year old 16.3hh warmblood mare. She is easy to handle, and excellent for the farrier and vet. Scarlett clips, ties, bathes, loads, and trailers like a pro. Scarlett has a ton of training on her, including an auto change, and is a beautiful mover. Scarlett has some navicular changes and does require corrective shoeing. She is not on any medication, but will have intermittent soundness issues. In the past previcox helped keep her sound. Scarlett … Continued


ADOPTED!   Sweet Ruby is a 10 year old Quarter horse mare. We saved Ruby from the Cranbury auction. Upon back x-rays we concluded that she can only be a companion at this time. This mare loves all people and horses. She is the easiest of keepers. She stands at 14.2hh, and is barefoot.


Nadia is a 15 year old Standardbred mare.  She was saved from a kill pen.  Nadia is close to 15hh and requires a companion home.  She would make the best companion as she is submissive and great with ALL equines.  She is as sweet as can be and loves attention.  Nadia is barefoot and an easy keeper.  She requires a non riding home due to some nerve damage in her hind end from an injury.  This may resolve over time and she could possibly due some light riding.  She was said to have been a lesson horse.  Nadia is currently … Continued


Here is Pacino, a 4 year old gelding BLM Mustang. We took in Pacino at a New Hampshire BLM adoption event in August 2018, so he would not have to go back to BLM holding. He currently stands at 14.2hh. He is in professional training with our friend, Rachel Fleury.


Arizona is a 13hh, 13 year old BLM mustang mare.  Ari is gentled, and good to halter, lead, tie, load, and pick her feet.  She is good for the vet and farrier.  Although it was said she is not trained to ride, she is sound and healthy and can be trained.  She is very sweet and good with other horses.