All The Kingshorses Equine Rescue

Ways to help


1. Sponsor a horse at our horse rescue group.

2. Foster a horse from our rescue

3. Adopt a horse from our rescue

4. Volunteer at our horse rescue organization.

5. Donate money to our horse rescue group even if it is $1, $5, $10. Every dollar counts.

6. Visit our Café Press Store

7. Donate goods, services, and/or supplies to our rescue organization.

8. Attend an event to support us.

9. Spread the word about our horse rescue.

10. Have your own fundraising event to raise money for our groups (yard sales, bake sales, book sales, change jars).

11. Keep a mindful eye out for signs of abused or neglected horses in your area and report to your local authorities or humane society, when necessary.

12. Use sites when searching and shopping on the internet, such as and that support our rescue groups.

13. Voice your opinion to your local government representatives regarding issues, such as being against horse slaughter.

14. Become a Face book friend of our organization.

15. Shop and enter all the kings horses upon check out.

16. Shop and and enter all the kings horses upon check out.

17. Shop we will receive 25% off of your purchase of fudge.


19. shop this link and we will receive 25% of your order. Enter ALLTHEKINGSHORSES in the coupon code and get 10% off.