Since 2010 we have saved over 100 equines.

We remain in contact with all of our adopters of our horses to ensure all equines that have passed through our rescue remain safe. We believe saving is the easy part and ensuring a “happily ever after” is true rescue. We provide all our horses with a safety net and will take back ANY horse adopted through our organization that may require an alternative placement.

Over 30 of our saves come from owner surrenders in our state of CT. We have been a resource to residents in our state who had to give up their equines due to financial restraints, untimely deaths and illness. We also work hand in hand with the CT Department of Agriculture taking in horses from active investigations and seized horses due to abuse and neglect within the state.

Besides playing an active role in helping the states most at risk equines, we also actively educate the public on proper equine care and management. We are currently working with high school career training programs and act as a supervisor for college internship programs. We provide hands on experience and skills.

All The King’s Horses Equine Rescue is run solely by volunteers with no paid employees. Our volunteers have full-time jobs, and are full-time students and have full-time families. The time they put into our organization is what keeps us going.

All the King's Horses Equine Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

IRS Employer ID #27-2580011

CT Public Charity Registration #CHR.0066934
EIN# 27-2580011

Our Board Members


Mary Santagata – President
Carmine Ferraro – Vice President
Dorrey Worth – Secretary
Delaney Savenelli – Treasurer


Elisabeth Caplan
Brittney Kenny
Amanda Hughart