Success Stories

Our rescue prides itself on “Happily Ever After.”

Every horse that comes through our barn doors we promise to protect for life. We stay in contact with all our adopters for life and should an adoption not be the “perfect” fit or if an adopter experiences difficulties or life changes, their adopted horse is welcome back to our rescue anytime. We are here to support horse and human forever.

Most of our adopted horses have gone on to be companions to other equines and humans. Some have gone on to make wonderful riding partners, psychotherapy partners, 4-H partners, and one has even taught horsemanship in NYC! But no matter what their purpose may be, we ensure they are well loved best friends, partners, and family members.

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2023 Year End Celebration!

As 2023 is coming to an end we want to thank all of our supporters for helping us with our...
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March adoptions and Foster

We are so happy to announce we had three equines adopted in the month of March and one equine went...
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Nevada (now named Teddy) is an American Mustang we saved from a feedlot in North Carolina. After we helped to...
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Darla came to us as an owner surrender in very poor condition, and blind in one eye. We rehabbed her...
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We rescued Erin, an American Mustang, from a Texas feedlot where she would have been sent to slaughter. We trained...
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We rescued Miley from a livestock auction in 2017 and brought her back to health. We found a perfect home...
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In 2022 we saved Kia who was a wild horse from Devil’s Garden, CA. She we surrendered to us from...
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