Success Stories



In 2022 we saved Kia who was a wild horse from Devil’s Garden, CA. She we surrendered to us from her owner and was in very poor condition.

In 2023, Kia (now named Luna) was adopted by Krista and is currently a therapy partner at Strides of Hope, LLC. This is what Krista had to say about this past year with Luna. “Luna has accomplished so much this year from learning new basic asks, to becoming one of our most loved therapy horses, to learning the basics of being ridden and starting to work off property with confidence in her stride. Luna is loved beyond words and has helped even the most nervous people acclimate to working with horses. She has had clients cry into her mane and shoulders while they share their deepest secrets, insecurities, or regrets. She promises to hold them forever. She has given a 4-year-old his first ride, she was so gentle and caring with him on her back. She has taught people how to listen, how to see themselves, and how to feel things they have never felt before, myself included.”

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