Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership

All the King’s Horses Equine Rescues Founder/President, Mary Santagata is an active member of WyWHIP. In its early stages, WyWHIP, led by Christi Chapman, is in planning with the BLM (and under the mentorship of the Cloud Foundation and other existing groups), strategy for reducing population growth in the Stewart Creek HMA after the Red Desert Complex, and specifically Stewart Creek AMLs are back to mid-range. Various methods will be utilized to accomplish this, including darting and trapping to administer fertility control to mares. WyWHIP will maintain a database of existing horses on the range, and assist the BLM and other groups in promoting the adoptions of gathered horses.

Stewart Creek HMA is located in the Red Desert Complex of central Wyoming. The complex includes Green Mountain HMA (bordering the northern boundary of Stewart Creek), Crooks Mountain HMA (northwest of Stewart Creek and west of Green Mountain), Antelope Hills HMA (west of Stewart Creek) and Lost Creek HMA (borders the southwest boundary of Stewart Creek), and spans approximately 703,500 acres of public lands and 49,500 acres of private land. Stewart Creek HMA is about 168,000 acres and the Appropriate Management Level (AML) is between 125-175 adult horses. Current population census has the population exceeding 400 horses as of fall of 2018, after the final day of the 2018 gather of Stewart Creek and Green Mountain HMAs.

In the beginning of April 2019, All the King’s Horses Equine Rescue Founder/President, Mary Santagata will be attending the PZP Training Program at the Science and Conservation Center in Billings, Montana. Mary’s certification is being graciously sponsored by the Cloud Foundation through her involvement with Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership. The equine contraceptive training class is designed to provide the trainee with enough background to explain the science to supporters, critics, the public or the press. This is a vital component in All the King’s Horses Equine Rescue’s quest for an educated advocacy.

“One of the major efforts of the Science and Conservation Center at Zoo Montana involves the humane control of Wildlife populations by means of fertility control. To that end, the Science and Conservation Center was created in 1998, an independent non-profit organization that is the worlds only dedicated facility for the development of wildlife contraceptives and methods of applications.”